The Pretty Good Barrier Reef

After what seemed like decades Thomas and I have finally left cairns. We’ve been on the road again for about 2 weeks living the van life so I thought I’d drag my computer out and start posting again. I’m sure this will be the first of two, based on my track record.

Before I can talk about the current adventures, I’ve got to start the backlog of awesome things we’ve been able to do from starting cairns until now. There is no greater place to start than the Great Barrier Reef.

The Reef is pretty Great, I mean its in the name so you already know that, but trust me! its really great. Its one of those things people always say they would love to see, but when you’re in the water looking down at the largest living structure on the planet its an entirely different experience.
Reef Encounter
We went on a boat called the Reef Encounter, it was about $460 Australian for a 2 day 1 night trip. We were incredibly hesitant to pay this but it was totally worth it once we were in the water and eating the fabulous food. You go through the day alternating between diving at various points on the reef and stuffing your face with gourmet meals on the boat. Then you sleep, and do it all again. The boat made me feel like a total princess. scratch that, it turned me into a princess. The best part is once you do a tour you are invited to come back as a hostee! A hostee dives in exchange for work, because of this hostee program we ended up getting to go out on the reef 3 separate times and ended up getting to dive 18 times. It ended up being one of the best decision we’ve made the entire trip. The work is pretty easy and you get to hear loads of cool stories from the crew. I will always scrub toilets if it means scubing water. Of course this means you go from princess to pauper but lets be honest here, we live in a van, we are basically street rats.
Scuba underwater.jpg
The dives themselves were incredible. We were fortunate enough to do 13 regular and 5 night dives. We saw squid, clown fish, sea turtles, parrotfish, lion fish, hermit crabs, sharks, and loads of coral. The highlights included a night dive with 15+ reef sharks, a girl diver trying to convince us to sexually assault a sea cucumber, and a remora attaching itself onto us both for the majority of the dive.

Our time on the Reef has been some of the best of the 6 months we’ve spent in Australia. I’d 10/10 do it again. I’m sure I’ll be posting again in late august of 2019, so see you then.

Photo Credit: Thomas because hes so handsome with his camera


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