AdVANtages to Van Life

Its been almost two months in Australia, and the bulk of that time has been spent living in our van. I’ll be honest, its no picnic.

While… sometimes it literally is a picnic, I just mean its not always easy. Sleeping can be difficult with lights and noise. We have avoided curtains because it would destroy our “incognito mode”. Due to this we usually wake up with the sun which is around 6:30-7:00  most days. The two of us sleep side by side on seperate matresses.Some nights its super hot, other nights its freezing.

We wake up, we cook, we drive, we cook again, we cook, we sleep. REPEAT! It sounds meticulous but there are lots of shenanigans inbetween.

Cooking is difficult for multiple reasons. The lack of fridge is frusturating. We either have really dull meals, Or experiments. Meals consist mostly of pasta, buttery chicken, rice, soup, eggs, and french toast. We sometimes get cold stuff but it doesn’t last long in the heat and we usually have to eat it all fast. Its a complete bitch to clean the dishes in public bathrooms, but unfortunately we need food to live.

Of course there are other everyday challenges that come up. Sometimes your battery dies, there’s not enough space, or you have to pee in the middle of the night. Just recently Thomas left our stove on the top of our car (See below). We drove off, and it fell off. The thing looks like it went through a garbage disposal. We’ll see how hard cooking is tomorrow.

Despite the challenges, its been a complete blast. We can go anywhere, park almost wherever we want and sleep. The van has almost paid for itself in the 50+ days we’ve had it because we almost never pay for accommodation! Overall I’m happy with our choices and glad we have chosen to be vandwellers.


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