Damn Jackie, I can’t control the Weather!

The Red Center was an experience that exhausted our spirits and our wallets. We arrived in Townsville and needed work. Finding work in Australia is easier said than done. We rely mostly on Facebook backpacker groups and Gumtree (Aussie Craigslist) to find jobs. That and days of traditional door to door Resume Handouts are the … More Damn Jackie, I can’t control the Weather!

You Rock, Rock

Its been a rough time. Endless desolate wasteland + No internet = a Lazy blogger About 3 weeks ago we left Melbourne and headed through south Australia and Northern Territory slowly making our way to Uluru. Thomas and I aren’t against long drives. In our years of roadtripping the states we’ve driven many miles. Australia is … More You Rock, Rock

Oh the Carniege

Its been over 2 weeks since I last posted which is unfortunate, but its because Thomas and I have been working. We have spent the last 11 days working as Carnies. You heard me right, we flew all the way to Australia to work as the great vagrants known as carnival people. We did Carnie … More Oh the Carniege

Deeprived of Warmth

We have plans to dive the S.S. Yongala later in the year, but an Open Water certification won’t be enough for that dive. With 10 days of spare time between jobs, and a need to further our education in diving, Thomas and I signed up for an Advanced Open Water course. Compared to diving somewhere up north, … More Deeprived of Warmth